Innovative, experienced, proactive.

Our promise to clients:

We will offer a wide diversity of art across subject, media and style, from the classical to the avant-garde, from local, UK and international artists

We will have a high proportion of affordable, signed and authenticated originals

We will always have fresh, exciting new work to make each visit interesting

We will help you find the perfect piece of art and bring work to your home or office for you to view

We offer a seven day returns policy on everything, so if it's not quite right you can bring it back and get a refund

We promise a place to relax with a coffee and browse


Our promise to artists:

We will know all our artists and their work in depth and tell your story with conviction

We won’t just show your work, we will actively promote it and support your awareness and reputation

We will always promote all our artists, even when we have solo exhibitions

We are keen and well qualified to help artists with their marketing

To submit your work for consideration, please email with some information about yourself, images of your work or links to a website/social media


Paragon. n. A person or thing regarded as a model of excellence.