Paul Oz: Ayrton Senna 25th Anniversary Bronze Unveiled

"Paul Oz." Bywords for energy, excitement and style. We're big fans of his in the Paragon Gallery and are thrilled to announce the imminent arrival in Cheltenham of something very special indeed. Let us bring you up to speed...

Ayrton Senna, the greatest Formula One driver who ever lived, immortalised in a series of spectacular statues by one of the greatest artists working today. 160kg of raw bronze and eight months of relentless toil at the very edge of what is technically possible have gone into the creation of this sensational homage to the great man, who left us 25 years ago this May. 

Set in the pose of screaming flat out through one of F1's most hair-raising corners, Oz has captured the daring philosophy of Senna as he himself described it: "If you take away Eau Rouge, you take away the reason why I do this." Left - right - uphill, accelerating hard, back end trying to kick out; Oz has taken static metal and brought it alive. He says: "It's a position alien to most, and even many F1 fans don't appreciate how extreme it is, even back in the 90s, although more so now. If there's one thing I am happiest about with this statue it is the dynamic and balance of the position". 

Cast in three sizes, from full-size to table-top, this fabulous sculpture will be joining us in April for the opening of the Fresh: Art Fair and we can't wait!