Gillie & Marc's Paparazzi Dogs go Celeb-Hunting in NYC

Gillie & Marc's Paparazzi Dog sculptures have gone from being an art experiment about photographing celebrities to sought-after celebrities in their own right.  After appearing in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, the four Dogmen will be sniffing out the rich and famous in Brooklyn's buzzing art district, Dumbo.

Gillie & Marc named the dogs Charles, William, Harry & Tom after the Royal Family.  The artists wanted us to reflect on the tragic death of Princess Diana, intentionally using a group of dogs to expose the pack mentality of the media and how we hunt down celebrities to get that dangerous behind-the-scenes glimpse into their private lives.

Gillie & Marc have worked side by side for 25 years, painting, sculpting and photographing with the goal of creating joyful and thought provoking work that celebrates unlikely unions while inspiring us to re-examine the status quo.  Their work is held in private and public collections all over the world.  A selection of their (somewhat smaller) sculptures can be seen and purchased from the gallery here.  We can also order from their website. Dogman and Rabbitgirl love to fly!